When my daughter was little we often ended the day with storytelling. She would give me a story starter then off I’d go weaving the most interesting tale I could imagine. We had a lot of fun with Percy and Penelope. Penguins who kept finding themselves in very unpenguin like places. One time they got off a plane and were in Hawaii. “What is this grainy stuff scratching my flippers? A beach!?!” “Percy Dear, I’m afraid I might be terrible ill. I’m oozing wetness from my forehead.” As they tried to find their way back home, they kept landing in odd and challenging situations. Each place they had to figure out where they were, how to adapt and how to get back home. I have had times in my life when I felt like Penelope. Places I landed and knew something was off kilter. I always had the best of intentions, but I wasn’t intentional about my life. People, things and life in general carried me away. Plan A didn’t work out as I hoped and I ended up unintentionally with Plan B. Yes, I have been Penelope on the beach. What about when we are in the wrong place? Places not suited for who we thought God made us to be. There are a lot of ways to be there, good ways and bad, some of our own doing and some not. When we are misplaced, can we live up to God’s full potential? Take Ruth as an example. Life dumped some lousy, hard problems on her and ended up in a foreign land. A widow. Lower than... read more

Thinking is a Dangerous Sport

I’m thinking about thinking. I know, a deep subject. But, not to fear, I don’t have that kind of energy tonight. I have had the evening to myself and all night I kept thinking, what should I be thinking about? My evening started with a run. Podding along was more like it. There are times when running feels fantastic. Tonight was not one of them. I’m trying to get off some recently gained weight and every step felt – wrong and frankly it hurt. I think a new machine at the club is doing a number on my hamstrings and gluts. I like to think when I jog so I plotted my course and turn around point, checked the time and took off. What did I think about? Too much thought was processing the work day, resolving situations and making to do lists. I should think about writing. People came to mind for prayer. A friend just diagnosed with cancer, another getting married soon, my brother. I should think about developing that character. But it seems so easy not to think about all that writing stuff.I passed one of my distance markers, Why is my time off with my distance? Realization hit with a breathless gasp. I set the wrong turn around point and ran a mile farther than I wanted and I was still a mile from home! I was NOT pleased. By then I’m really sore. Something is just weird and more than my hamstrings were aggravated. Ok, there is only one way home. I gotta do this. Think about something and take your mind off running.... read more

Mother’s Day Choice

My Mother’s Day weekend seems to have a theme. Every once in a while I will get on a kick about something and then everything seems to relate to, or if it is a sad theme, compound the issue. Friday night my daughter was honored at school for being in the top 10% of her class. Amazing! I’m so proud of her. There was a nice dinner and then a program where the awards were presented to the students by their parents and each family had their picture taken. The seventh grade started and I listened to announcements of the parents names and watched the proud smiles for the camera. Eight grade came then ninth. Parents and student, parents and student. Time for tenth grade to line up. More proud parents and student. Then my daughter was called and I was announced as her parent. Out of nearly 50 students, I think there was only one other student who had Dad, Stepmom and Mom. I was the only single parent. It was a bittersweet evening. On one hand, my heart was bursting with pride at seeing my daughter excel and thrive in school. She is becoming the most amazing, beautiful young lady who really has a heart for God. Nothing gets better than that! On the other, I couldn’t help but think about loss. Does she ever feel it too? She has never known what it is like to have a father close by and consistently be here. Because he lives several states away, she sees him about two weeks a year. As a small child, she would try... read more

Quick Takes – Take 3

1. My bible study ladies gave me the most fantastic surprise. I thought I was meeting a friend for dinner and when I walked into the restaurant there were about 15 smiling faces sitting there singing happy birthday. It was such a fun and wonderful time. We shared laughs and stories and connected. It was just what we all needed and they made me feel very special. Thank you again. 2. Well, I didn’t win the KLOVE cruise. Bummer. I hope to take the cruise someday, but I guess I’ll have to do it the old fashioned way and save the money. God is still awesome. 3. Does anyone want to adopt a cat? I feel really guilty, well, not. She has started misbehaving. ie. she sometimes thinks the living room is a litter box. I put some mousetraps down in the spot, but I’m afraid she will just pick another place. Does anyone have suggestions to correct the problem? My daughter would love you for the help. Even as I’m typing this, Calie is asleep in her favorite basket blistfully snoring. How funny. She has no idea of my devious plans. 4. Ok. I lied on my drivers test about my weight. I’m sorry. I did weigh that recently, just not now. Hopefully I will get there again soon. 5. I began my day by listing to people call in to my favorite radio station and talk about the latest flu outbreak. It is very discouraging. Can I give you some information from the other side of the issue. First, I do NOT want to make light of... read more

Quick Takes – Take 2

1. At work today we told one our our employees he could go home early. A little surprised, he said maybe he would go get a pedicure. Then laughing he said he didn’t even really know what they were. He is kind of a scruffy looking dude. I thought it was a good moment to join in the fun so I mentioned a time when I walked past a salon at a shopping mall and saw a man getting his brows waxed. To which our employee replied. “Oh, man I need to get that done. That last time they did it, I looked like I was surprised for a week.” He even added a dramatization. Needless to say I turned back to my work quickly and will never assume anything about a man’s personal care regime. 2. I heard this week that the last remaining survivor of the Titanic was auctioning her items from the ship to pay for nursing home bills. She was nine weeks old when the ship went down. This is the second time she has had to auction Titanic items and hopes to make $50,000.00. I went through the Titanic museum last fall in Branson, MO. They devoted the last room to the making of the movie. I googled the movie and this is the amount one site reported for worldwide revenue. $1,842,879,955.00 You would think someone involved in that ginormous sum could help her. 3. We have a very difficult situation in my family that seems to have no quick or positive resolution. It is really hard for everyone and deteriorating. I was thrown... read more
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