God Aches to be Your Delight


Delight in the LordWe sat at the corner table in a local restaurant. Huddled over cold Pepsi and hard problems we struggled together-with life, friendship, identity, value. I tried to form logic from tangled emotions caught somewhere between my mind and tongue. Finally, words wrenched from deeper within me than I could fathom.

I just want someone to delight in me.

Over the next several days, I was raw. Someone to delight in me. The declaration took hold and wouldn’t let me go.

Someone to delight in me.


In me.

And there it was-the splinter that festered in every part of my life. Once examined, I realized the hope permeated my being. No wonder I chafed at people expecting me to get things done. My friend said that she needed me. She was talking about my value to her, but all I heard was the word “need”. I callously replied, “I hate being needed.”

Are you like me? Do you wish for someone to simply want you, not what you can do for them?

I’m the one who works and serves and does what everyone needs and


Psalm 374

Often that has been translated to mean to a beautiful house, wonderful husband, superb job or precious children. It can even enter into prayers for healing or reconciliation.

Those blessings are wonderful, but God wants to be more intimate. He doesn’t want to just be needed. He longs to seep deep into every part of our soul. There, a beautiful dance begins as we weave our heart with His. He grows love which feeds our desire to delight in Him and with Him.

God began showing me that same ache is in His heart.

God aches for me? The thought is staggering. He wants me to delight in Him. I mean really delight. Not just occasionally, always. And He will give me my ultimate desire.

He will delight in me.

I did not know I can lift the countenance of God. Simply by being me and loving Him makes God feel delighted. A clap-your-hands-dance-a-jig-I-like-that-girl delighted. Astonishing. I am nothing special, far from it. Yet somehow God, the unfathomable creator who holds the heavens in His hand can look at me and be giddy.

He thinks the same of you.

You delight God.

Believe it. In the everyday mess of life, He delights in you. We may slip on careless words or trip over barriers of hurt, yet God takes delight in each of us.

I’ve made His heart sad many more times than I like to think about. But, I keep coming near to Him and leaning into His embrace. There in that closeness, God whispers in my heart everything He wants for me because it is His delight.

God aches for you to lean in close so He can whisper in your heart too. Wonderful things are there waiting for you.

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  1. Linda,
    Thanks for introducing yourself by leaving a comment on my Deeper Waters post…This is so true: “Simply by being me and loving Him makes God feel delighted.” It is a staggering thought to believe that truth about God and about ourselves. To me Psalm 37:4 means when I delight myself in God, God changes the desires of my heart so they align with His and those are desires He grants (Romans 8:29). It is not necessarily for outward things like a house although God may in His grace provide one. It is more about my deepest need for love which can only be met in Christ’s unconditional non-performance, non-need based love….Glad we met 🙂

    • Yes, Dolly, yes. His desire is for so much more. I totally agree it is about our deepest need for love through Jesus. Non-need based love is an intriguing phrase I will want to think about. Thank you for your insight.


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