I am just one voice learning to listen to One Voice

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I’m so glad you’re here. Make yourself at home and let’s be friends. I want to hear your story too because we may have something in common.

You see, my heart is with the worn. Worn from trying so hard. Weary from searching for understanding. Tired of allowing the wrong voices to wear us down. Kick off your shoes and relax while we discover truth together. Let’s connect on Twitter or Facebook.

I want to share something special with you. I write about learning to live free and listening to only One Voice. I want to show you how crazy in love God is with you. Right now. All messed up and everything. I’m living proof.

God doesn’t quit in the middle of the mess.  Oh no, He believes we are too special for that. He sees right down to your toes and He is delighted. My stories are the personally intimate relationship God longs for because it is His delight. Receive them right at your inbox. Subscribe here.

Touring pig farm in China

Touring pig farm in China

I live on the Great Plains of Nebraska with a lot of pigs. Literally. I manage our family pig business. Check out the great just-out-of-the-shower-camo look I’m sporting. Yep, we shower to go into the pig buildings.

My incredible daughter and I have loved and struggled with divorce and single parenting since she was a baby. She is a beautiful and inspiring journalism major with a writer’s heart ready to graduate from college. She talked me into getting a dog, Maggie. Yes, I’m turning into one of those ladies.

Our dog Maggie on vacation.

Our dog Maggie on vacation.


Besides Jesus, my personal passion is art, theater, music, writing and all things caramel. I love all that inspires and that includes you. Because you inspire me to tell the difficult and wonderful journey God and I have been on. I pray you find encouragement.


I also contribute to Deeper Waters Ministry and Team 365.

Come back and visit soon. I’ll keep the coffee warm.



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Linda test Jesus in the workplace delight of God for the weary and worn

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